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Small Business Committee

The Small Business Committee of the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce stands at the forefront of nurturing the local business community in Jackson County, Georgia. This committee is not just a group of entrepreneurs and small business owners; it's a dynamic force driving growth, collaboration, and innovation among businesses of all sizes. At the heart of its mission, the Small Business Committee directs the Small Business Lunch and Learn Series, a cornerstone of the Chamber's programming designed to empower, educate, and connect our members. This esteemed series, alongside other engaging events and workshops, exemplifies the committee's commitment to providing valuable support and networking opportunities. By bringing industry leaders and experts together to share insights, the committee fosters an environment ripe for learning and business development. The Small Business Committee's efforts are aimed at creating a thriving ecosystem where businesses can connect, share challenges and successes, and contribute to the economic vitality of our region. Whether you're at the helm of a startup eager to carve out your niche or leading an established business looking to innovate and expand, the Small Business Committee is your gateway to a vibrant business community. It's where ideas flourish, partnerships are forged, and businesses achieve new heights of success. Join us in shaping the future of Jackson County's business landscape, where together, we inspire, support, and propel each other towards collective prosperity. Contact John Scott to get started at

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