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Medical Assistant/LPN/EMT

Posted: 10/24/2021

· Treat staff, practitioners, visitors, and patients with dignity and respect.

· Interview patients to include medical history, measure vital signs, performs vision screening, etc. and record information in EHR.

· Share information gathered from patients with appropriate team members to assist in more comprehensive care of the patient.

· Assist practitioners in performing examinations as needed.

· Administer medications per practitioners orders.

· Administer injections or immunizations per practitioners orders.

· Sterilize medical equipment and maintain it in good working order.

· Collect specimens for laboratory and perform routine in-house laboratory work.

· Prepare specimens for outside laboratory studies.

· Perform simple wound care.

· Maintain adequate supplies in exam rooms and ensure exam rooms are clean.

· Follow clinic guidelines and protocols and participate in making new ones.

· Prepare and perform paperwork and clerical duties as necessary including answering phones, computer entry, etc.

· Perform routine diagnostic tests (EKG, etc.) and/or schedules patients for outside diagnostic studies and consultations.

· Participate in community health and disease prevention activities.

· Participate in the corporation's Quality Improvement Program.

· Participate in daily Team Huddles with staff members as required or requested.

· Participate in staff development programs and promote team cohesiveness.

· Manages personal and staff clinical inboxes.

· Participate in the daily huddle

· Ensure timely response to appointment messages and requests via the phone and portal

· Educate patients regarding PCMH and how the care team can help patients

· Participate as a member of a patient’s care team – within Team Work

· Ensure patients receive a copy of his/her visit summary

· Ensure patients leave with an appointment and face no barriers regarding transportation

· Ensure patients have an identified primary care provider

· Other duties as may be assigned.

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